How to remove annoying tags from every srt subtitle file

Sites like have the annoying habit of tagging their files with subtitles like “Tip for download: Open Subtitles MKV Player” and “Downloaded from”.

Here is a fast single command to get rid of all that on all subrip (.srt) files, using find, sed, and a bit of regex:

find . -name \*.srt -execdir sed -i '/pen.*ubtitles/d' {} +

I did it for dozens of files in one command ;)

find” searches all subdirectories below the current one (.) for every file with the srt extension (-name \*.srt) and executes the sed command that deletes on those files ({} +) the lines matching the regex pattern (pen.*ubtitles).



Split flac by cue file in Debian / Ubuntu / Linux

Update: I found  split2flac,which does all this automatically.

From aidanjm’s stuff :

Lossless audio files can be split by cue file using “shnsplit” (part of the “shntool” package). You will also need the “cuebreakpoints” tool (part of the “cuetools” package) and “cuetag” to transfer the tags.

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