Use an SOCKS5 proxy through an SSH tunnel


ssh and direct connect (SOCKS5) :

The following line will start the ssh client and connect to

Port 8080 on localhost ( will listen for requests and send them to the remote machine.

The remote machine will then send the packets out as if they originated from itself.
ssh -C2qTnN -D 8080
Leave it running. And just configure the SOCKS5 proxy in the browser (localhost:8080)


Take a remote screenshot

ssh user@remote-host “DISPLAY=:0.0 import -window root -format png -“|display -format png –

Launch graphical software remotely with ssh

ssh remote_user@remote_host "DISPLAY=:0.0 import -window root -format png -"|display -format png -
This will take a screenshot of the remote host with “import” and display it locally with ImageMagick’s “display”.


How to mount a remote filesystem with SSHFS

We can mount a remote filesystem (username@servername:/remotefilesystem) in a local mountpoint (/local_mountpoint) with SSHFS:

sshfs -C -o idmap=user username@servername:/remotefilesystem /local_mountpoint

extra options:
-C use compression
-o idmap=user translate user ID of connecting user to allow local editing/saving of remote files.

To unmount use:

fusermount -u /local_mountpoint


umount /local_mountpoint

you may have to use administrative privileges.

For details consult:

the sshfs man page

SSH Filesystem oficial webpage

wikipedia entry


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